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  • Gold jewellery
  • Silver jewellery
  • Platinum jewellery
  • White-gold jewellery
  • Silver-gold jewellery
  • Stainless steel jewellery
  • Jewellery set with precious-semi precious stones
  • Jewellery set with pearls
  • Watches
  • Clocks
  • Wristwatch straps-bracelets
  • Clock tools & machinery
  • Diamonds
  • Colored gemstones
  • Semi-precious stones
  • Synthetic stones
  • Pearls
  • Display cases
  • Jewelry pouches
  • Boxes
  • Decorative constructions
  • Religious icons
  • Various jewellery shop articles
  • Raw materials
  • Machinery for jewelry manufacturing
  • Tools
  • Security systems
  • Metal recycling
  • Refining services

Kosmima hosts unique exhibits that cover the whole range of the jewellery and watch industry, gathering a significant number of exhibitors. The exhibition features gold, platinum, silver and steel jewellery and it also brings together a rich collection of precious and semi-precious stones.

Meanwhile, the exhibition gives prominence to clocks and watches which is a great attraction for visitors and offers information about the latest trends. Moreover, there can be found cases and boxes for packaging purposes, and tools and equipment for professionals.


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